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Have you ever wondered how it would feel, not to have

      the terrible stress and anxiety you are experiencing at work?


Do you feel  physically and emotionally drained

in your job, but are scared to death of losing it?

Are you experiencing exhaustion, burnout or overwhelm

from those incredibly long hours?

Is test anxiety affecting your career goals?









I'm Gilda, and I help people to break through fear, anxiety and overwhelm at work,  so that they can show up confidently for their career goals and personal dreams.


Find out how to access the best of yourself, without the latest app. 

Turn down despair and tune in possibility,

Let HeartPotential teach you all that you need

to make profound changes in your life.


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The most wonderful thing about life is that things can change.

People, places and most importantly, ourselves.

We now know that the brain and our bodies have the most amazing capacity to form new ways of being. 

                                                                 - Gilda Joffe

          B.M., M.M.- HMCT

HeartMath Certified Trainer

Who I Am

I'm Gilda, and I teach people just like you how to overcome the feelings of work stress, anxiety about failure, and the thought of  "just not being good enough, or confused about knowing "who you really are" without your job."

Besides those aspects, there IS a way to thrive in your work despite the organizational transition, the long hours, the office politics, and the excessive workload etc., which doesn't involve calories and coffee! ( unless you love coffee!)


We work together to transform your mindset and physiological responses so you can change your life by responding to challenges in a completely different way.


Work with me to see how changing yourself will change everything!   


And Especially designed for Organizations:

   The Resilience Advantage Workshop


                      For more info:


My Story



Being recorded in front of a live audience, and knowing at the same time that  your performance is being live broadcast to all of Europe is very difficult for one's nerves, since musicians know that they are judged to be "as good as their most recent performance."








In my previous career in Europe as a professional musician, I experienced years of high stress performing situations, orchestral management communications problems, and difficult behaviors of team members, resulting in fatigue and other stress related problems.


My friends and colleagues also struggled  with trying to achieve a work/life balance while undergoing personal stresses of their own.


During that time, and after my return to the US, I researched and worked with different tools and strategies to deal with stress, overwhelm and anxiety and began to teach people how to use these methods to help them dramatically increase their confidence and performance.











Today I show individuals and organizations how to: 

find creative solutions, increase confidence, sustain peak performance and transform mindsets so they can break through stress and fear to finally reach their goals.















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What is HeartMath?

HeartMath is a collection of tools and strategies  especially designed to lower stress, and increase emotional and physical resilience. They are simple to learn and highly effective, as evidenced by many PUBLISHED studies, 

"HeartMath® is a unique stress reduction system that is unusually effect for reducing anxiety and improving performance. Unlike many other products and services that make similar claims, it has a solid scientific basis, and has been thoroughly tested in a variety of settings that have clearly demonstrated these benefits."


Paul J. Rosch, M.D.,F.A.C.P.,President of the American Institute of Stress and

Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College

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Do you panic at the idea of presentations and performance reviews?

Feel as if you are going into "battle" every day?

Wish you could kick the self-doubt and be more confident, resulting in less stressful relationships with your co-workers?

Afraid to express yourself in meetings?

Do you feel anxious about making mistakes, and "know" that you are one step from failure and job loss?

Is stress affecting your performance and ability to get the promotions and recognition you desire?

Then this program is for you!

Team High Five

In the past I experienced lots of office drama, less than productive leadership, and scenarios where I and my co-workers were tossed from one anxiety filled situation to another.

It would have been much easier for me If I had known exactly how to reduce the stress and overwhelm for myself, regardless of other people's behavior.

Today with cutting edge tools and strategies, I teach people how they can alter their stress responses, mindsets, and emotions, leading to life changing results, both professionally and personally.

They are creating new pathways to self-confidence and success, and you can too!

In this training you will learn:

About stress in the workplace,

how it affects our physical body, and contributes to self-defeating behaviors.

To see the situations where you are draining your energy, and how to literally shift your physiology, allowing you to become more creative and productive.

How to become more resilient physically and emotionally, making it easier to cope with demanding workloads and chronic stress.

How to use scientifically validated methods and technology, to show you immediate feedback of your interior emotional landscape.

How to refocus, calm down and recognize new options to reach your personal and work-related goals.

How to shift immediately to a State of Ease at the onset of stress, especially in unpredictable and chaotic situations.

How to transform your mindset to create the outcomes you desire.


  Through our work together you can expect to achieve:

  • Reduced stress and overwhelm in presentations, reviews, meetings and unexpected adverse events.


  • A more balanced perspective, resulting in increased ability to communicate with team members along with the courage to speak up without feeling threatened

  • Greater energy and clarity in personal and team decision making

  • Increased sustained attention resulting in personal higher productivity

  • Better emotional stability related to practicing confidence producing tools and strategies

  • Lessening of physical symptoms caused by stress, such as fatigue, body aches and sleep disturbances

  • Increased assurance in your ability to handle any demanding situation in a much more positive and productive manner

  • A personal roadmap for achieving goals and well-being in your career

The mentoring program includes:

  • 12 One-on-One weekly phone/skype sessions  ( 3 month program )​

  • Full 60 minute sessions

  • unlimited email support between sessions in addition to my weekly "check in" emails.

  • Written materials, concrete exercises, book recommendations

  • Explanation/Demo of HeartMath Feedback Technology

  • HeartMath Institute ~Stress and Welling-Being Assessment and Evaluation

Time to make some real changes in your life?!

If you are ready to escape feeling anxiety and fear at work, and want the mindset to  feel you are doing the work you are meant to do, and making the difference in the world that you desire ..........

Then I invite you to discover the possibilities, with a free 45 minute consultation to explore how we can work together to decrease your stress, increase your confidence, transform your mindset and begin traveling a new path towards your success! 

 Success Stories

"Some see HeartMath as stress reduction. Some say it helps their family life and their productivity. Our focus was both cost and productivity on the 767-400ER program. HeartMath gave our team the coherence we needed to come in under budget on time - with productivity gains of up to 12%."

                        -Steve Stephenson, Sr. Manager OD, BCA Engineering & Product Integrity, Boeing

"The background physiology and the science underpinning this technique [Heartmath] are absolutely sound, which is why we went ahead with pilot studies at Shell. Seeing a self-induced change in their own heart rhythms impressed the companys otherwise sceptical engineers."

                        -Dr. Graham Bridgewood, Chief Medical Officer, Shell International (UK)


"HeartMath has given us tools to make the difference between required courtesy and genuine care. We have achieved our benchmarks in excellence in patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction. I believe without HeartMath, we could not have reached our potential."

                       -Tom Wright, Chief Operating Officer, Delnor-Community Hospital

"... A wonderful, effective path to serenity for crazy, busy executives. The program not only works as a "problem fixer," but more importantly it enriches one's life ... Equips you to cope not only with all the stress in life, but then goes way beyond in introducing positive, lasting changes."
                       -Bob Morgan, President, Council of Growing Companies






What Clients Say


“For years I have used mediation, yoga, and tai chi to help  me handle stress, but I still found myself reacting poorly to stressful events. Working with Gilda, I learned how the heart and body are affected by stress and how they influence my thinking. After working with her, as well as practicing the techniques on my own, I was able to use the methods Gilda taught me for two very stressful events. I was surprised by how my typical anxious emotional response was interrupted and I experienced complete calm. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in changing how they face life's stresses"                                                                

                                                                                     -Janice Stedfast, CO





The valuable tools you have taught me I will use for the rest of my life. It is amazing how something so simple could be so impactful and sustaining. Thank you so much for your abilities, you are an extraordinary teacher.

                                                                                     -Shari Katz, ME

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